Welcome to My Sober Girlfriends

A friendship community for growth-oriented sober women

My Sober Girlfriends

About Us

Have you been sober for awhile, or maybe you're newly sober, and looking for a community of other intelligent, compassionate sober women? 

Not a recovery group, but friends? 

My Sober Girlfriends is the community you’ve been looking for. 

It’s designed specifically to help you meet and connect with other high vibe women. 

You’ll have multiple opportunities each month to get to know new friends through facilitated conversations, and engaging, interactive workshops. 

PLUS you’ll be part of an off-Facebook private membership forum for conversations before and after events, making it easy to find and follow up with the women you meet. 

Why You Should Join Us

My Sober Girlfriends is where you can:

  • Meet like-minded sober women 

  • Deepen connection within the community 

  • Develop even more confidence in your sobriety 

  • Feel heard, understood and celebrated as your authentic, sober self 

  • Build your emotional intelligence and healthy communication skills as a sober woman 

  • Explore topics that support you living your best sober life

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